Sunday, March 28, 2010


I look out the window. I see the fresh green leaves of the willow penetrated by the sunlight, glowing with the exuberance of illumination. Not four strides away another tree extends its first leaves. Red now but soon to be green, each vein ending in a translucent dew drop. I can feel the spirit of nature. I can see it. But what of it? Am I a parasite feeding on it beauty, consuming its joy? How do I add my joy back to the spirit as it pulses through all things? I am not satisfied to simply consume, for then all is as well without my presence. How do I amplify the-spirit-that-runs-through-all-things with my own as it passes through me?

I'm done reading The Tracker. The later part of the book Tom struggles with what all his training is good for. Is it just a overblown hobby, or is there some other purpose. He finds his purpose while tracking a lost mentally challenged 5 year old living in a 30 year old body. I'm a little worried about where my quest will lead me. What will I find my purpose to be? Will my spirituality and day job be distinct? What about being a dad? How important is the pursuit of spirituality, what is it worth?

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